DEAR is Daytime Enrichment Activities & Recreation.

503 601 0100 or 503 601 0110
1800 NW 169th Place, B300, Beaverton, OR 97006

Daytime Enrichment Activities & Recreation Inc
Here's an easy way to support DEAR. Change your search engine choice to, choose Daytime Enrichment Activities & Recreation as your nonprofit of choice. DEAR will be sent a penny for each search made. How many times a day do you search? This does some good for DEAR with little effort on your part.

After you've chosen Daytime Enrichment on GoodSearch, you may use that link to go to and Those sites donate a percentage of your purchases to DEAR. Buy stuff you'd ordinarily get anyway, but some benefit accrues to DEAR for each purchase.

Please do Oregon BottleDrop for Daytime Enrichment Activities & Recreation, a day program in Beaverton for people with profound disabilities.

Find a location near you at

1.  Go to a Redemption Center (22 in Oregon) and set up your account

2.  Deposit your bottles and cans

3.  Add receipt amount to your account

4.  Go online and activate your account (user name, password, tag # for bag, PIN)


5.  Donate to DEAR

     (Enter “Daytime”, SEARCH, click DEAR logo, Donate Now, enter amount)