DEAR is Daytime Enrichment Activities & Recreation.

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Daytime Enrichment Activities & Recreation Inc

Early this year a donor wanted to transfer ownership of a publicly traded stock to DEAR. Without a charitable gifting brokerage account, we had to decline.  The donor sold shares, paid the broker’s commission, got taxed on capital gains and gave the remainder to DEAR. 

There’s a tax efficient way to avoid taxes and selling expenses. DEAR now has a gifting account so that ownership of stocks can be directly transferred to our brokerage account without capital gains taxes becoming triggered or a broker’s selling commission. 

Talk this over with your financial and tax advisors. Then give Gordon Teifel a call 503-267-2041 to set up the transfer of stocks, ETFs or other publicly traded equities. 

The gifting brokerage account works for both non-qualified portfolios and qualified accounts, like 401k and IRAs. 

Got a car to donate? 
DEAR is using CARS to accept vehicle donations. The new URL is 

Call CARS to Donate



Call Gordon for questions you may have. 503-267-2041